Galleries Commit X Art to Acres 

Land Conservation

Galleries Commit has partnered with Art to Acres to permanently conserve 200,000 acres of ecologically vital and vulnerable land by creating the Chuyapi-Urusayhua regional conservation area in Peru.  

This is the first large-scale, gallery worker-led, collective land conservation project, demonstrating the potential for impact when coming together to take action for a climate-conscious future.  

The old-growth cloud forest is being conserved as a national protected area at the direct request of the local communities. This will protect wildlife and ecosystems in a last chance mammal area as well as forests that currently store over 30 million tons of carbon (tCO2).

Chuyapi-Urusayhua Region, Peru

March 2021:

15,891 acres conserved

8% of total land

Project Metrics

198,752 acres

Total Land Area


30,531,002 tCO2

Total Stored Carbon on Project Location


Threat Coefficient

(Annual rate of potential deforestation if unprotected)

13,920 tCO2

Carbon Emissions Avoided by Protecting Land (Annually) 


Conservation Cost Per Acre

Learn more about the project and location here.

Conservation Tiers


Permanently conserves 100 acres and protects 7 tCO2 per year.


Permanently conserves 1,000 acres and protects 70 tCO2 per year.


Permanently conserves 10,000 acres and protects 700 tCO2 per year.

Contributions are made directly to Art to Acres, a 501c3 non-profit, and are fully tax deductible.

Names of contributors will be listed publicly on this website.

Want to understand how the carbon protected relates to gallery, exhibition, or personal carbon emissions?

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