Updated November 19, 2020

Create a plan for climate action

Make a plan for climate action tailored for your gallery based on the collective ideas that have come from gallery workers in the Galleries Commit community. 


Find examples of plans galleries have shared, actions galleries have already taken, and tools and resources to help support change in the Galleries Commit Climate Action Database.

View and submit actions to the Climate Action Database here.

Conserve Land

Galleries Commit has partnered with Art to Acres to permanently conserve 200,000 acres of ecologically vital and vulnerable land by creating the Chuyapi-Urusayhua regional conservation area in Peru.  


This is the first large-scale, gallery worker-led, collective land conservation project, demonstrating the potential to make a significant and meaningful impact when galleries, gallery workers, and our allies unite for a climate-conscious future.   

Contribute here.

Connect with the community

The Galleries Commit Slack account is a hub for gallery workers to support each other and collaborate to make change, whether by coordinating consolidated shipments, borrowing materials, or asking for advice. 

Galleries Commit hosts a monthly meeting for members of our community to talk about what we are doing now, what we want to accomplish, and how we are getting there. 

To be invited to the Slack and receive the monthly meeting invite, sign the commitment here.