This database contains resources for climate-conscious action, examples of climate-action plans, and actions the Galleries Commit community has taken.

This is a collectively created and maintained platform for anyone from the Galleries Commit network to browse, learn, and contribute:


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Resources or tools that have been submitted or created by individuals and galleries across the Galleries Commit network.

Pro tip: Use the <<filter>> or <<sort>> button to find resources tagged specifically to your interests.



Actions that have been taken by individuals and galleries from the Galleries Commit collective. 



Climate Action Plans that galleries have drafted and shared with the collective.


Ideas for future innovation and change that is necessary for the NYC gallery sector to take. Facing the climate crisis requires a nimble and multifaceted approach. There are many things we’re all still figuring out. If you're able to tackle  how to address one of these ideas, it will support the community at large in achieving action. 

HOW YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE: Contribute ideas that need solutions, or volunteer to address an idea that’s already posted in the database and then share as an action or resource for the rest of the community. Email us at to take on one of these ideas for action.