3. Commit to the Art Fair Climate Rider

1. Art Fair Criteria

How to fulfill this: 

[ ] Create a collective climate and equity council that is transparent, accessible, and collaborative between fairs that commits to sharing resources and research that support getting all fairs to attain shared goals

[ ] Commit to becoming carbon neutral as of 2021

[ ] Commit to banning single-use plastics

[ ] Commit to eliminating paper products

[ ] Commit to providing only vegetarian/vegan and locally sourced food vendors and catering options

[ ] Commit to using only non-toxic and green cleaning supplies

[ ] Commit to waste reduction

[ ] Commit to measuring past year's carbon footprint and setting ambitious emissions reduction goals

[ ] Commit to publishing plans to fulfill each of the above before the next fair application deadline

[ ] Commit to making the fulfillment status of each of the above publicly transparent before the next fair opening, and annually before the application deadline

2. Gallery Criteria

How to fulfill this: ​

[ ] Commit to only shipping work by rail, road, or ocean freight

[ ] Commit to meeting all fair application and booth plan deadlines

[ ] Commit to reducing international flights

[ ] Commit to booth plans that eliminate additional build out waste (i.e., no carpet, no damaged wall panels)

[ ] Commit to minimizing waste

[ ] Commit to measuring and offsetting carbon footprint of participation

[ ] Commit to publicly displaying your booth's carbon footprint from shipping, travel, and available build out data on site at your booth