1. Make a plan for climate action

How to fulfill this: 

With your gallery team, review and decide how you are going to address each of these areas before the end of 2020:​

  1. Deal with your building

  2. Minimize Waste

  3. Talk to your team to set Guiding Principles

  4. Support staff to make individual climate-conscious decisions

See more details about each area and initial ideas for actions or things to address each category, here

2. Contribute to our collective change

How to fulfill this: ​

  • Share your plan for climate action with the community by January 2021.

  • Commit to serving as a leader and role model for a specific practice shared with the Galleries Commit community. 

See examples of practices.

  • Direct your carbon offsets to the Galleries Commit Land Conservation Offset Project. 

  • Support the establishment of a Galleries Commit Community Climate Fund for galleries who need financial support to invest in climate-conscious infrastructure.

3. Commit to the Art Fair Climate Rider

How to fulfill this:

Step 1: Sign on the art fair climate rider here. 

Step 2. Don't participate in fairs until they have met the art fair criteria. 

Step 3: Fulfill the gallery criteria.